There Is A Myoma Pregnant But Still Bleeding?

Illustration of There Is A Myoma Pregnant But Still Bleeding?
Illustration: There Is A Myoma Pregnant But Still Bleeding?

I am pregnant but still bleeding and there are myomas, bleeding is dangerous for my womb? Why does it keep bleeding out like menstruation

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Need to be clarified, how old is your current womb? How big is your myoma size? Are there any special treatments that doctors recommend?

Myoma is a benign tumor derived from uterine muscle cells (myometrium). These tumors do often make sufferers experience abnormal bleeding from the birth canal, including during pregnancy. Not only that, if the size of the myoma is large enough, sufferers also often feel pain or full sensation around the pelvis, which often interfere with sexual intercourse and carry out other activities. Often too, because of the effects of myomal ingestion, sufferers will also experience interference when defecating or small, for example in the form of constipation or plaiting.

Genetic and hormonal factors are thought to be the main factors triggering the growth of myoma. Therefore, epidemiologically, this disease is more common in women aged 35 years and over.

Most people with myoma who are small have no significant problems during their pregnancy. However, in rare cases, especially if the size of the myoma is large enough (more than 5 cm), various complications can arise, including inhibition of fetal development in the womb, detachment of the placenta (placenta) from attachment, abnormal fetal position (often breech), miscarriage, as well as an increased risk of cesarean delivery. Not only myoma can affect pregnancy. Conversely, pregnancy itself can also affect the myoma, which increases its size due to an increase in estrogen levels in the blood.

Our advice, if you experience a lot of bleeding, especially for example to cause you experience anemia (weakness, pale, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, easy to get drowsy), immediately check with your obstetrician to be given the best treatment. Depending on your condition later, the doctor can simply give several types of drugs while observing, but in very rare conditions, it could also be more invasive actions (such as myomectomy) performed for the safety of yourself and the fetus in your womb. To help you deal with excessive bleeding due to myoma during pregnancy, you should:

Get more rest
Limit first (if necessary, avoid) sexual relations that involve vaginal penetration
Expand eat foods rich in vitamin K
Drink a lot
Do not carelessly take medicine without doctor's advice

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