There Is A Pen On The Right Shoulder

Illustration of There Is A Pen On The Right Shoulder
Illustration: There Is A Pen On The Right Shoulder

Doc I want to know why I have to operate on my right shoulder / clavicula after a few months have passed then I forgot to accidentally lift the rice and then my right shoulder is like pulling when it hurts or how come the problem is because it’s swollen and it’s hard to be free it’s not free as usual it’s blocked … if in a position where I can’t move but when I go for the pain I beg for forgiveness to sit as well as the movements aren’t free

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Hello Dody,

Thank you for the question.

Clavicle fractures can be treated by fixation using a surgical pen. Postoperatively, the healing time needed for bone reunification can vary depending on the type of fracture, the location of the fracture, your daily activities, and the treatment you take to treat the bone that has been operated on. In general, you will usually be allowed to engage in mild activities after more than 3 months post surgery. As for the heavier activities, including lifting heavy loads, it should be postponed at least 6-12 months later, in order to wait for the broken bone to return to its normal strength.

Your condition that feels pain that makes it difficult to move the smell that has been operated on due to lifting heavy rice, may be caused by mild inflammation in the former operation. But it could also, this pain indicates more severe tissue damage, including broken or shifted back segment of your bones.

To ensure this, it seems like you are checking yourself directly at your doctor or orthopedic surgeon. Usually, the doctor will perform physical and radiological examinations (such as x-rays or CT scans) to confirm the severity of your condition, and determine the appropriate treatment.

In the meantime, you can first compress with ice cubes in your shoulder area and take paracetamol to reduce the pain. Don't over-move your shoulders and hands so the pain doesn't get heavy. Don't forget, get plenty of rest, put your shoulders and hands higher when sleeping (don't overdo it), drink lots and eat nutritious food, don't smoke, don't massage the area that was operated on, and live a healthy lifestyle.

I hope this helps

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