There Is A Small Maggot In Dirty Clothes That Is Soaked For 6 Days?

Illustration of There Is A Small Maggot In Dirty Clothes That Is Soaked For 6 Days?
Illustration: There Is A Small Maggot In Dirty Clothes That Is Soaked For 6 Days?

At night, I am lia mw brtanya … Dirty clothes that I put in the bathroom I did not wash slma 6 days ago when I washed inadvertently I accidentally saw in a bra there was a small maggot evidently because I was only in BH, it was evidently trdpt in my underwear outside even though I have ground it using a washing machine and even then with the old one because I used it automatically … When finished the mill was clear I checked in my long pants there was a maggot that was still alive … N I was able to try putting the maggots in a trapped aqua bottle water and I give Rinso soap which I set aside a few hours not to die too … Finally, I give proclin the pink color packaging to the brisi maggot bottle, I shut it up at 2 am and I see it at 22.30, obviously it’s still alive, too … how do I turn it off, I can’t smell the laundry never die … How do I put off the maggots that I wear … Because the clothes that I washed during the day and I was able to leave them without washing them and washing them soaked by using Procklin during hours. 19.00 … tomorrow’s plan I want to dispose of the laundry water that I soaked today and replace it with the new one then I roll it again using baycklin after that I dry it and I want to brush with my hands and then rinse it in the sun … Because I’m still afraid maggots still have life I want to cool again using a hot laundry dryer because my mother is busy working dilaudry .. Does the maggot can die if it is exposed to heat from the dryer then rubbed? Please help because I’m afraid if it wears maggots and is still alive …

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Hello Lia,

Thank you for the question.

Maggots are larvae of flies that are shaped like small caterpillars. Maggots often inhabit dirty areas, including dirty clothes and not washed for a long time. This maggot can survive longer in a humid atmosphere and if there is living tissue around it, such as food scraps stuck to clothes, and so on. Not only can it cause amusement for people who see it, contact with maggots can also make the skin inflamed, so it feels itchy, reddish, smooth, and many other complaints appear.

If it is true that the maggots that you find on your clothes, then cleaning the clothes with boiling water mixed with detergents and bleach clothing should be able to turn off the maggots. If you still have 1 maggot wash, you can repeat the washing procedure for several times. Avoid washing clothes that have maggots in the washing machine. Because, he was worried, the maggots would go into the sidelines of the washing machine so as to make other clothes that were washed in it come into tarnished. Safer, you wash the clothes directly by hand.

However, if after several times washing the maggot is still alive and stuck to your clothes, then you should be more vigilant. Worried, what you think of as maggots is actually another animal that is more dangerous. Safer, you just throw the clothes and don't wear them anymore, for your own good.

Hope this helps ...

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