There Is More Flesh That Appears?

Illustration of There Is More Flesh That Appears?
Illustration: There Is More Flesh That Appears?

Tonight, I want to ask for 3 days in my pubic hair area there is more flesh that appears less than 1 cm in diameter and grayish pink in color. When pressed is painless and movable, shaped like small round beads. Thanks

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Hi milkcofee22,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clear, are you a woman, or a man?

The appearance of a flesh-like gray-pink mass, which is painless and easy to move, around the genitals as you are experiencing may be due to the following reasons:

Infections, for example: Folliculitis (hair root infection) Genital warts (Human Papillomavirus virus infection) Syphilis (Treponema pallidum bacterial infection) Molluscum contagiosum (Molluscum contagiosum virus infection) Chancroid (Haemophilus ducreyi bacterial infection) Skin tag (excess skin growth due to friction or irritation) recurrent) Keloid, hypertrophic scar (excessive growth of scar tissue after injury or inflammation) Contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin from contact with an allergenic or irritant substance) Tumors (benign or malignant), eg lipoma, fibroma, sarcoma, melanoma, etc. Are you Have you had sex before? Does your sexual partner also experience the same complaints? Is there a history of certain diseases that you suffered from before?

Most likely, the appearance of a flesh-like mass around the genitals as you experienced is not a natural thing. Therefore, you should check it directly with a doctor or specialist in skin and genitalia so that it can be further treated according to the underlying cause. If necessary, the doctor may perform further tests, namely by taking a sample of the mass tissue to be examined for its constituent cells in the laboratory.

At this time, you should not pry or exhale the crowd that appears, or also give it careless treatment, except on direct orders from a doctor. Clean your genitals properly after urinating and after sexual intercourse, using good quality water, and do not need to use scented soap. Avoid contact between the genitals and substances that have the potential to trigger irritation or allergies. Change your underwear regularly at least 2 times a day.

Hope it helps ..

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