There Is Residual Thyroid Cancer After Surgery?

Illustration of There Is Residual Thyroid Cancer After Surgery?
Illustration: There Is Residual Thyroid Cancer After Surgery?

I have operated on 2 times the teroid gland binding right when I check it is clear that there is still residual cancer, it must be abolished, but the ablation schedule in RSHS, Bandung, the long queue has to wait for almost half a year for the ablation to occur. not as long as we wait for the ablation schedule

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Hello Riah, thank you for your question to

The thyroid gland is a gland located at the front of the neck, which functions to produce thyroid hormones. This thyroid hormone plays a role in the function of the body's work (regulating the body's metabolism). There are several abnormalities, both from the thyroid gland itself or signals from the brain that can cause these hormone levels to be low or high. One of the abnormalities that can occur in the thyroid gland is thyroid cancer.

Cancer itself is an abnormal cell growth, where cancer cells will grow out of control, causing various symptoms, depending on which organ it is attached to. If the abnormal cell growth occurs in the thyroid gland, this condition is called thyroid cancer.

Thyroid cancer itself is a disease that is rarely found. Thyroid cancer consists of various types, and the rate / speed of growth varies from person to person. There are several symptoms that can be found in thyroid cancer, for example:

Lumps on the front of the neck, can be painful or not
Difficulty swallowing or pain when swallowing
Weight loss for no apparent reason
Enlarged lymph nodes around the neck
Disturbances in sound, for example, become hoarse
and so forth.

The diagnosis of thyroid cancer is usually confirmed by an anatomic pathology examination (tissue seen under a microscope) from a tissue sample or after removal. In some cases residual cancer cells can remain around the gland even though the thyroid gland has been removed (as in your case). In these conditions, ablation therapy can indeed be selected.

This ablation therapy is better known as radioactive iodine ablation (RAI), where radiation produced by iodine material that is inserted into the body will destroy the remaining thyroid cells and other cells that capture iodine as well (including cancer cells) and cause effects that small cells and other organs in the body.

To practice this ablation therapy in Indonesia, it is still limited in a number of large hospitals, so it usually takes time to be able to access this therapy (must wait their turn). Related to your question, the spread of cancer cells can occur. This depends on the type and speed of spread of the cancer cells themselves, which vary greatly from person to person. There are cancer cells that are very aggressive and cause spread in a short time (for example only on a monthly count), but some are not aggressive. Therefore, my advice is to stay in control routinely to an internist or oncologist who is treating you, and to pay attention to your symptoms or changes.

Continue to take care of your health by:

Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits, and avoid consumption of unhealthy foods (containing saturated fat, junk food or fast food, fried foods, etc.)
Consumption of water at least 2 liters / equivalent to 8 glasses per day
Get plenty of rest, 7-9 hours per day
Maintain physical fitness with regular physical activity
Consumption of drugs and routine control according to doctor's orders

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you get better soon.


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