There Is Still A Lot Of Blood From The Vagina After 37 Days Of Delivery?

Illustration of There Is Still A Lot Of Blood From The Vagina After 37 Days Of Delivery?
Illustration: There Is Still A Lot Of Blood From The Vagina After 37 Days Of Delivery?

Met afternoon I want to ask? I gave birth in 37 days, but how come there is still a lot of blood coming out so much until I change the pads in 4 hours … it’s not dangerous

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The puerperium is characterized by mucous discharge from the birth canal which is the remnants of pregnancy tissue. Puerperal mucus in the form of blood generally will only come out profusely in 1-2 weeks after giving birth. Furthermore, the mucus that was originally red will gradually turn yellowish to whitish along with the cleansing tissue of the remaining pregnancy in your uterus.

If until the 37th day postpartum blood is still very heavy out of your birth canal, then there are several possible causes:

The return of your new menstrual cycle
There is residual pregnancy tissue that has not been clean in your uterus
Your uterine muscle contractions are not good at preventing bleeding
There is injury to your birth canal, for example in the perineum or cervix
You experience abnormalities in your reproductive organs, for example myoma, pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, cancer
You experience bleeding disorders, for example due to lack of vitamin K, hemophilia, ITP (idiopatic thrombocytopenic purpura), leukemia, and many other possibilities

IMMEDIATELY get yourself checked by a doctor or obstetrician so that you can be evaluated, is your condition still reasonable, or dangerous. Because it is feared, excessive and prolonged puerperal bleeding risks causing you to experience anemia, shock, and even death.

In the meantime, it is recommended to:

Feed your baby ASI whenever he asks
Not excessive physical activity
Not having sexual relations involving vaginal penetration before being declared safe by a doctor
Always keep your sex organs clean
Eat a variety of nutritious foods (especially those that contain vitamin K), and drink enough
Don't stress too much
Don't smoke or consume alcohol
Do not carelessly take medicine without doctor's advice

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