Thick Blood Comes Out With Urine, What Causes It?

Illustration of Thick Blood Comes Out With Urine, What Causes It?
Illustration: Thick Blood Comes Out With Urine, What Causes It?

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Need to clarify, what kind of incident do you mean?

Blood in the urine, if the amount is small, may be related to injury to the urinary tract that you have experienced before. Generally, in addition to blood-containing urine, injuries like this will also make you feel sore around the genitals, redness, or even swelling. If none of these complaints you experience, and bleeding out quite a lot along with your urine, it is necessary to further evaluate other possible causes.

Here are some other conditions that can also cause bleeding in the urine:

Menstruation; menstruation can occur outside the menstrual cycle due to the influence of hormones that are not balanced, or also due to certain diseases, for example myoma, endometriosis, uterine polyps, and so on

Urinary tract infections, including kidney infections (pyelonephritis)

Urinary stones, including kidney stones (nephrolithiasis)

Glomerulonephritis (leakage and inflammation of the kidney filter)
Malignancy in the urinary tract
Pregnancy disorders, such as miscarriages, pregnancy grapes
Drug side effects, such as aspirin, heparin
Doing strenuous exercise, and so on

Ensuring the cause of blood in the urine needs to be done by a doctor with a direct physical examination, or coupled with urine tests, blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound, and several other supporting tests. Therefore, in order to determine the right diagnosis, you should check yourself as early as possible to your doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, yes. Depending on the cause of your condition later, this complaint can be handled with a variety.

At present, focus on drinking more water and avoid activities that have the potential to cause injury to the urinary tract. Do not forget, always keep the cleanliness of sex organs, including your urinary hole, to avoid the risk of infection that can worsen your complaints.

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