Thick Face

Illustration of Thick Face
Illustration: Thick Face

Hello doc, I want to ask my father, his wings are said to be thick and his eyes have big swollen eyes, why is that so? Oh yeah, my dad is a truck driver

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Hello Indies,

Thank you for the question.

Thick cheeks and swollen eye bags may indicate that your father is lacking sleep. It could also be that these complaints are caused by other factors, such as:

Bells palsy (inflammation of the facial nerve that causes facial muscles to experience temporary weakness)

Stroke (nerve function disorder due to rupture or blockage of blood vessels in the brain)
Insect bite
Other factors, such as transient ischemic attack, brain tumors, cellulitis, sialadenitis, contact dermatitis, post-injury (such as being hit by a person or having an accident), allergies, malnutrition, benign or malignant tumors, skin infections, etc.

The conditions above are not all dangerous. But clearly, this condition should be checked directly to the doctor for further examination, namely by physical examination, or also other supporting tests, such as blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, and so on. If necessary, the doctor may refer your father to a neurologist later. At home, the following initial steps can be taken:

Compress the warm area of ​​your father's face that feels thick and swollen, while being pressed gently, don't overdo it
Let your father rest a lot, don't make him panic
Give him enough to drink, as well as foods that are easy to swallow and contain rich antioxidants
Ask your father not to smoke and be more disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle
Do not carelessly give your father medicine without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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