Thick Vaginal Discharge After Menstruation?

Illustration of Thick Vaginal Discharge After Menstruation?
Illustration: Thick Vaginal Discharge After Menstruation?

Good morning r nI want to ask for 2 days I have vaginal discharge but the vaginal discharge is creamy and sticky, is that the process leading to the fertile period? But I just finished childbirth and haven’t had my period again … is it because of menstruation or the process of the fertile period

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Hello Siskamamelia,

Whitish can be normal vaginal discharge, it can also be abnormal. Whitish or normal vaginal discharge can occur when aroused sexually, during the fertile period, and will have menstruation. The vaginal mucus during the fertile period is usually heavier and watery. Meanwhile, when going to menstruation, the color is often brownish like brown spots.

In your case, it is necessary to ascertain whether the vaginal discharge is normal or abnormal. Abnormal vaginal discharge when the color changes is not clear or white, smells, itching, pain, and the amount is disturbing. Abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused by several factors such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, viral infections, malignancies, and sexually transmitted diseases.

To ascertain the cause of vaginal discharge is carried out by direct examination by the doctor with interviews, physical examination, and support if necessary with vaginal fluid tests, urine tests, and blood tests. Handling of vaginal discharge will also be adjusted according to the cause. If your vaginal discharge is not normal, you should check with a doctor directly so that you can find out the cause and can be given maximum treatment.

Meanwhile, if your vaginal discharge is clear or slightly white, odorless, does not itch, and is not painful, it is possible that the vaginal discharge is normal and should not be a cause for concern. In this case, to determine whether you are fertile or not, you can use a tool to find out ovulation, namely a fertility testpack. This tool is available at pharmacies.

To calculate your own fertile period, you can actually do it by calculating the first day of the last menstrual period and with fertility calculators that are widely available on the internet. But considering that you have just given birth and haven't had your period yet, the easiest step to find out your fertility is to use a fertility testpack.

Some tips you can do:

Maintain vaginal cleanliness Wash the vagina with clean water without soap and without feminine cleaning fluids Dry the vagina before wearing underwear Choose comfortable and not tight underwear Avoid pantyliners if not menstruating Manage stress properly Change underwear immediately if wet The following articles relate to your question topic:

How to know the fertile period

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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