Thick White Tongue?

Illustration of Thick White Tongue?
Illustration: Thick White Tongue?

, my tongue is thick white almost entirely except for the base of the tongue, the reason is because I eat soft food too often, I have tried to clean it using a spoon, but it has decreased a little and the color is still thick white, which I want to ask is this dangerous? Can this thick white tongue disappear on its own? How is the treatment?

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Hello Rani, thank you for the question.

The tongue should be pink or pink. If there is a change in color on the tongue, then this can indicate many things, including:

Papillae or the surface of the tongue has an overgrowth or swelling Dehydration or lack of fluids, also in conditions of dry mouth Leukoplakia or the formation of white spots on the mouth and tongue, due to too much keratin in the mouth. usually found in smokers and alcohol drinkers. Can cause malignancy if left untreated and allowed for years. Yeast infection of the mouth and tongue or oral thrush. Usually occurs in people with a decreased immune system, for example in diabetics, people with AIDS, and this condition can cause discomfort on the tongue and decrease appetite. Oral Lichen Planus or the appearance of white lines on the tongue, usually occurs in smokers, decreased body resistance, and consumption of foods that cause irritation of the mouth, geographic tongue, or the disappearance of papillae on the surface of the tongue, so that islands are formed where in the middle looks reddish with white edges, and the cause is unknown. can be related to genetics but the link has not been confirmed. Given that this condition often occurs and can be caused by many things, I suggest that you should try to consult a dentist regarding this matter. In the meantime, meet your fluid needs, which is 2-3 liters a day, and try to avoid smoking, and foods that can irritate the tongue. brushing teeth and cleaning the tongue can also be an option in maintaining oral health. Consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can help increase endurance.

Here are the articles you can read:

Recognizing Disorders of the Tongue

Hope my explanation can help.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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