Thickening Of The Uterine Lining During Ultrasound During Fertility?

Illustration of Thickening Of The Uterine Lining During Ultrasound During Fertility?
Illustration: Thickening Of The Uterine Lining During Ultrasound During Fertility?

, yesterday I finished consulting a gynecologist because I wanted to participate promil, but if I want to participate promilably must be menstruating, while I pass the checkup during the fertile period again then I try to consult first with the ultrasound to check the condition of my uterus, and the results are the doctor said there was a thickening of the uterine wall size 3 mm … when I complained of consultation my menstrual cycle period was not the same every day sometimes 30 days, 33.32, there was even one time I experienced menstrual cycles 39 days, but every period on the first day mid-day the vagina feels so nasty like after giving birth so it comes out like a blood clot or lining of my uterus, I don’t understand, after it comes out after a few minutes the interval is no longer painful after the third day haidy is just a blemish. is my uterine wall thickening dangerous or not? so?

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Hello Endara, thank you for asking at

Thickening of the uterine lining can indeed be a natural condition that occurs due to fertility during which thickening aims to prepare for the attachment of the fetus to the uterine wall, but can also be caused by an unnatural condition such as:

 Endometrial hyperplasia (excessive thickening of the uterine wall) Endometriosis Myoma Adenomyosis To be sure, it is highly recommended to consult the condition further with your obstetrician and to determine the therapy or further action that should be given to you, especially since you are currently undergoing a program pregnancy, so an evaluation of the results of this ultrasound is also very important to ascertain whether this thickening can interfere with your pregnancy program or not.

After further evaluation by your doctor, then it can be determined whether the thickening is something that threatens your fertility or not. If indeed the results are an unnatural thickening, it is highly recommended to follow the recommended therapy given by your doctor.

In the meantime, it is highly recommended not to think too much about the results of the ultrasound until there is definite confirmation from your obstetrician because excessive stress can cause disruption of hormone balance which can be one of the factors complicating pregnancy.

It is also advisable to always maintain adequate and balanced nutritious food intake, consume enough fluids (at least 8 glasses a day), exercise regularly and regularly, maintain ideal body weight by maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough rest every day (minimum of 6 -8 hours a day), avoid cigarettes and alcohol, and avoid excessive stress. Avoid using any fertility drugs or any medication without clear advice from your doctor.

I hope this helps.

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