Thin Body After DB?

Illustration of Thin Body After DB?
Illustration: Thin Body After DB?

I caught dengue fever 8 years ago and my body has become thin. By now my weight is back to normal except for the hands and around the toes. Why is that?

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Dengue fever is an infection caused by the dengue virus. Dengue fever is transmitted through mosquito bites. Dengue fever can lead to decreased appetite, and possibly weight loss as well. However, the weight will increase again after recovering from dengue fever.

To determine benchmarks / benchmarks for body weight must be based on data from weight measurements, not only based on shrinking hands and feet. Hands and feet that look thin can be a normal thing. Therefore it is recommended that you measure your body weight first.

If your weight has decreased since 8 years ago, then there are several possible causes for this, such as:

lack of nutritional intake
intestinal worm infection
Pulmonary tuberculosis
Certain tumors

Therefore, to determine the exact cause of your condition, you should check with your doctor directly, so that the doctor can check your condition directly first, so that later the doctor can provide the right therapy for you.

It is recommended that you do not smoke, avoid alcohol consumption. adequate rest, and consume nutritious foods such as chicken, meat, fish, eggs, milk. You can do weight training to increase muscle mass.

the following article that you can read about healthy tips to overcome underweight weight

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