Things To Do If You Have A History Of Contact With Corona Sufferers

Illustration of Things To Do If You Have A History Of Contact With Corona Sufferers
Illustration: Things To Do If You Have A History Of Contact With Corona Sufferers

Morning doc, I want to ask .. where the husband works, there is a status suspect 6 yesterday doc, last came to work on the 3rd day, the next day fever and it was found out the 6th was already suspected suspect by the hospital, now treated. What I want to try, date 3 my husband was in direct contact with suspect this doc, every time I go home from work, go home, so what should I do ni doc, I have 3 children, then I am frightened ,, thanks doctor

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Physical contact or close to suspect (patient under surveillance) corona virus (COVID-19) is one of the conditions that allows corona virus transmission. In this condition, the person (your husband) and other people who are in contact with your husband (you, your children or the same household) are encouraged to do an independent quarantine for 14 days and continue to do social distancing.

Likewise, if you or a family member (and other people who are contacted) experience mild symptoms such as flu and fever symptoms, then you and your family members (as well as other people who are contacted) should do an independent quarantine until the complaints subside. However, if the complaint is very severe ie having a high fever, chest pain or shortness of breath then you or a family member who has the complaint should immediately consult a referral hospital for the cause of your complaint and to get appropriate treatment.

However, if after 14 days your husband, you and your housemates have no complaints / symptoms of infection at all then chances are that you and your family are not infected with the virus.

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