Third Sc?

. I want to ask, I had the first 2 times because the induction failed 2 years and a half, I got pregnant again and had to have another sc … again at 39weeks 5 days of pregnancy … I have no complaints about narrow hips etc … if I want to get pregnant again with problems and what the risk ..

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Basically there is no definite limit on how many women can have a CS (sectio caesarea). On the other hand, many experts argue that a maximum of 3 times the SC operation should be performed by a woman, this is not without basis but from the results of medical assessment because women who underwent CS more than 3 times will experience an increase in the occurrence of unexpected medical risks. due to wounds to the uterine and surrounding tissue that changes with repeated CS, so the risk of bowel, bladder injury, bleeding, and placental disorders and even repeated CS conditions can also increase the risk of developing a hernia.

Currently, they have undergone a second round of SC surgery, so the risk of things occurring due to a history of repeated SC is still not too high compared to those who have had more than three SCs, but it is advisable to distance the next pregnancy from the last SC operation, so that the reproductive organs and also the wound heals well first.

Indication for SC does not only depend on the condition of the narrow pelvis, but is based on a comprehensive medical assessment of the condition of the pregnant woman and also the well-being of the fetus in the womb. Because if there are complicating factors in the normal delivery process that can endanger the life of the pregnant woman and / or her fetus, then SC is necessary even if the pelvis is not narrow. However, it would be better if you consult with an obstetrician first to review your health recovery process after performing SC for the second child.

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