This Is The First Time For Severe Shortness Of Breath?

Hello, I want to ask if I am a little congested, but I had lunch of Geprek Pedess Chicken, as a result, 1 hour after lunch I was really sick but I ignored it because I thought it was gone, it was 2 hours it didn’t go away so finally I drank liquid polysylene because I gasuka magh tablet medicine. nAnd the mlm my throat hurts a lot and it hurts to the end that the shortness of breath I felt this morning was heavier again, right “it was too tight to go to the back and to the head section not kg … but I just eat regular mlm it doesn’t hurt Her throat, still doesn’t hurt, I don’t cough too. Until today I still have difficulty breathing and my chest hurts a bit like I feel the blood flow doesn’t reach my head, what’s wrong with me?

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Shortness of breath can come from problems with various organs in the body, namely the lungs, heart, digestion, kidneys, and even psychiatry.

Looking at your history, who previously ate spicy food, most likely the cause of your tightness is due to problems in the digestive system, namely gastric inflammation / gastritis. This condition is characterized by symptoms of heartburn which can also be accompanied by breathlessness, nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, cold sweat.

In addition, tightness can also be caused by:

Pulmonary infection
Fluid buildup in the lungs, for example in conditions of heart failure and kidney failure
Heart attack
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: this is associated with long-term smoking
Panic attack

If your symptoms are severe, you should check with a general practitioner first for tracking the cause. The doctor will check the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, etc. related to your tightness complaint. If necessary, the doctor will perform blood tests, x-rays, sputum tests (if any), or refer you to certain specialists for further tracking. Once the cause is known, you will be treated according to the underlying cause.

The things you can do to treat symptoms and prevent worsening are:

Limit consumption of spicy and sour foods
Eat regularly
Consume 2 liters of water per day
Avoid stress
Eat a balanced nutritious diet to keep your immune system healthy
Exercise 3 to 4 times a week
Manage stress well
Avoid smoking and alcohol
Use a mask if you have coughing complaints

If the tightness is very heavy, there is chest pain, a feeling of fainting, high fever, do not delay to get checked out.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and is useful :)


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