Thorax Examination?

Illustration of Thorax Examination?
Illustration: Thorax Examination?

Hello … a few days ago I took an X-ray of my lungs with the following results: the heart was not enlarged, the aorta and superior mediastinum were not dilated, the trachea was in the middle, both Hulu’s were not thickened, the bronchovascular features of both lungs were good, no visible infiltrates / nodules, diaphragmatic sinuses and both costophrenic sinuses are good, bone and soft tissue are good. How do I think the doctor thinks? But a few weeks ago, before I checked the thorax, I had a cough and red spots like blood on my sputum. And I am currently processing a visa to the US so I’m a little afraid that this could be a problem in the future … thank you Doctor

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From the information your X-rays show the X-rays are within normal limits. From the results of the X-rays that you do, the lung and heart conditions are within normal limits.

Cough cough can be caused due to various causes. A cough accompanied by a small amount of blood may be caused by a sore throat. Frequent coughing can sometimes cause blood spots when coughing. However, this happens rarely, and only in small numbers.

But apart from that, the condition you experience can also be caused by other causes such as: pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis infection, bronktis.

In the case of pulmonary tuberculosis infection, it can cause complaints of coughing along with bleeding. TB in some instances can show normal X-rays, to confirm the diagnosis of TB, a direct physical examination by a doctor and sputum examination is required.

Therefore, to determine your condition, it cannot be based solely on the X-ray alone. It is recommended that you check directly with your doctor first.

The following is an article that you can read about X-rays

may be useful. Thank you

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