Throat And Chest Feel Hot After Taking Medicine?

Good evening, I want to ask, yesterday I just checked with the ENT specialist because I caught a cold and when I run a nose with blood and the doctor said it was due to an infection. still chewing on my throat and chest why it feels hot huh … please ask for the information..thank you ..

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Hello Ms. Miftakhul, thank you for consulting us on We will try to explain what you ask us.

In the condition of disturbances in the respiratory tract both from the nose, throat, to the lungs, it means that all the protection of the respiratory system is not good, so that the infection easily causes a decrease in immunity to cause symptoms to appear in accordance with the site of infection and also pathogens / infectious agent that causes disease. When a part of the respiratory tract is infected, it will be easy to experience problems such as irritability, bleeding, inflammation and nerve initiation so that it can feel pain or heat.

However, sometimes this is not only influenced by the disease that is happening, but the side effects of the treatment. Usually drugs that allow side effects such as throat and chest heat after regular consumption are generally a type of antibiotic. Aside from the burning sensation in the chest and throat, other side effects that can arise are discomfort or pain in the abdomen that can spread to the chest, or rashes on the skin which are allergic reactions.

Our advice for the good of your condition is, you should see a doctor who has been treating you so far. So that the doctor can evaluate the therapy given and if it is indeed due to the side effects of the drug, the doctor will reconsider the use or addition or replacement with other prescriptions to continue the treatment on you.

While still avoiding foods that are too spicy, hot or too cold, and avoid lying down after eating, and sleeping with your head and neck higher, you can try to gargle using salt water or with an antiseptic mouthwash and increase your water consumption.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful for you. thanks.

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