Throat Like Tearing

Illustration of Throat Like Tearing
Illustration: Throat Like Tearing

Afternoon doc, my doc hurt stomach acid / gerd from 20 February 2020 yesterday, I was treated here and there but it has not healed … it was difficult to sleep, sometimes all day I did not sleep, I also could not sleep. bitter acid from the mouth ,, and since then my mouth is bitter, the hands are tingling, the headaches are on the right side, and the sore throat feels up to the ear, I had a flashlight and the glass in it turns out that my throat is red, rather swollen and a little bit holey ( looks like torn). what is the danger dock?

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition that you experience with gerd or gastric acid usually occurs due to an increase in stomach acid so that it goes to the esophagus and can get to the back of the throat when it reaches this area so it can be called LPRD or laryngo pharyngeal reflux diseeue that is inserted is stomach acid already to the back of the throat.

This will usually appear as symptoms

Swallow pain
Reddish look
Can appear like a small lump in the back of the throat

This was overcome by several things like

Avoid spicy and sour foods
Eat every 4 hours should be filled with the stomach to avoid the increase in acid hydroxy
Sleep and eat should be more than 3 hours
Avoid stress
much rest
Avoid coffee and chocolate

It would be better if assisted with drug consumption so that it can be helped to suppress acid production and gastric lining.

Thus information may be useful

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