Throat Uncomfortable When Swallowing

Illustration of Throat Uncomfortable When Swallowing
Illustration: Throat Uncomfortable When Swallowing

I want to ask, this was from yesterday when I swallowed / the wind how come my throat is not tight, huh?

Originally posted 2020-04-14 10:14:45.

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Hello Ferdian, Thank you for the question.

Do you mean by not tight throat is saliva like out of the mouth and can not be swallowed (drooping)? Or do you mean it's difficult to swallow or is there a taste of reflux of gastric acid?

The symptoms that you experience may be caused by the following conditions:

neurological disorders in the esophagus, for example due to stroke, multiple sclerosis
stomach acid disease

You can try independent handling by consuming food in small portions but more often, avoid consuming food too fast, avoid consuming caffeinated, anhydrous and alcoholic drinks. If these symptoms have lasted more than 3 days, do not improve in the above way, and interfere with your food and drink intake, please consult with your nearest doctor so that doctors can conduct further questions and answers and examine you to determine the cause. Without a doctor's examination it is impossible to ascertain the cause. Treatment that will be given by a doctor will be adjusted to the condition that you are experiencing.

But if what you mean is a different symptom, feel free to re-create a new question or use the application to chat with your doctor.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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