Illustration of Throat?
Illustration: Throat?

I want to ask, some time ago, my tonsils were swollen. After that healed and my body was also better. And today, my throat hurts again, after I see thrush or pus. How do I deal with it, and I am afraid to leave the house, because there is a corona virus, but I have been drinking sanmol. Oh yes before, before I got sick I often bought snacks which I thought were haphazard, and often drank iced water

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Hello Ismi,

Thank you for the question.

Swollen tonsils, canker sores, and suppurating can indicate your inflamed tonsils (tonsillitis). This condition can be a variety of possible triggers, mainly due to infection, can be a virus or bacteria. In addition to infection, tonsillitis can also be caused by the spread of inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis), which may occur due to allergies, irritation, reflux of gastric acid, benign or malignant tumors, impaired immunity, the influence of drugs, and many other triggers.

You are right to say that except for urgent matters, you should stay at home first and postpone seeing a doctor so that you are not prone to contracting COVID-19 which is rife today. As a first step, you can try to do first:

Take paracetamol so that the pain and swelling in your tonsils subside
Clean toothbrush, then rinse with warm saline solution afterwards
Avoid foods that are oily first, artificial sweetness, spicy, and berampas
Drink plenty of water, a minimum of 2-3 liters a day
Don't talk anymore nor shout too much
Stay away from cigarettes and smoke
Exercise regularly and get enough rest so that your immune system improves

Even so, if you have done the above steps, and the complaints do not improve for a long time or appear more than 3 days of fever, shortness, vomiting, and other more severe complaints, we recommend that you continue to see a doctor or ENT doctor . Concerned, your complaint occurs related to infection, which is prone to spread or spread if not treated early.

Hope this helps ...

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