Throbbing Headache With Flu And Cough?

Illustration of Throbbing Headache With Flu And Cough?
Illustration: Throbbing Headache With Flu And Cough? Bing

this way. About a week before I felt a tingling sensation, I did an ear endoscopy test because at that time insects were in it. But it’s out but I still cel to ENT. When checked with a tool that I don’t know the name of is shown with the camera if it is clean and there are no foreign objects. However, during the use of the device, I felt pain in my ear.rnrnAbout a week I said I had the flu, coughed and hurt when I swallowed but I didn’t feel dizzy or have a fever. I was given medicine after checking with the doctor. The next day my right back of the head throbbed but briefly, but often.rnrnIs this the effect of drugs or endoscopy?

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The complaint of a throbbing headache in the right back of your head that you experience most likely has nothing to do with the use of ENT devices or the influence of the drugs you have taken previously. Headache is an uncomfortable sensation that occurs in the head and surrounding organs. These headaches include:

Migraine-type headaches Tension-type headaches (tension) Cluster-type headaches Reading the characteristics of the headaches you experience, you are most likely experiencing migraine-type headaches. Common migraine symptoms include:

Headache that feels throbbing Nausea to vomit Unbearable headache Neck stiffness The cause of this headache is still not known with certainty. However, there are several risk factors for headaches, such as:

Physical stress (fatigue) Psychological stress Hormonal changes in women Cigarettes (or a room full of cigarette smoke) Strong odors Too bright light Stuffy air Flashing screens, such as a TV or computer screen Noises Climate change, or extreme changes in temperature Some of the things you can do to reduce or prevent headaches from occurring include:

Avoid physical stress and psychological stress If you are often exposed to stress, do stress management properly Avoid staying up late Get enough sleep at least 7 hours at night Exercise regularly at least 1x a week for at least 30 minutes Avoid alcohol or illegal drug consumption Stop smoking Drink water 2 L per day Regular consumption of vegetables and fruits You can take pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen which can be purchased over-the-counter at pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. If it is felt that the complaints are getting worse over time or do not show any improvement, you should consult a doctor or neurologist for further examinations such as CT SCAN or MRI of the head (if needed) and further treatment. I hope this information is helpful :')

- dr. Lia N. Amalina

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