Thrush In The Throat And Inflammation Of The Gums?

Good afternoon … I want to ask, my throat is sooooooo hard, it’s hard to see, then there is a fever too every afternoon. Yesterday I checked using a flashlight, there were white kyk like thrush on the left throat. And what makes the pain so dangerous is not it? Trs my gums are swollen, it feels like it was stabbed in the swollen teeth on the top of my left back. How to overcome it and what causes it huh? thank you

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Hello Raina,

Thank you for your question.

In general, pain in the throat is caused due to inflammation of the organs in the throat, one of which is tonsils or tonsils. Tonsils function as infection prevention. Which is when there is a trade will be marked by symptoms: sore throat, fever, cough, headache, and bad breath.

Inflammation in the tonsils can be caused due to viral, bacterial infections, or also due to irritation from food. Foods that irritate tonsils include: spicy, sour, coffee, and noodles. Inflammation in the tonsils is divided into two, namely acute tonsillitis and chronic tonsillitis. If your tonsils are infected for less than 10 days, it is included in acute tonsillitis, whereas if inflammation lasts for more than 10 days, it is said to be chronic tonsillitis.

If there is continuous inflammation, over time detritus will appear on the tonsils or white patches on the tonsils. The existence of this detritus is usually caused by bacteria. Therefore you also feel a fever, which is a sign of fever where your body is experiencing an infection. Tonsils have nerves that travel to the teeth so that if there is a disruption in the tonsils, then the teeth or gums will also experience interference.

If your complaint is accompanied by fever above 39 degrees, muscle weakness, stiff neck, swelling in the neck, difficulty breathing, difficulty opening the mouth, amka immediately consult your ENT doctor to get proper treatment.

But if the complaint is not there, then you can do a number of things at home, including:

┬áconsumption of water a lot of at least 2 L, avoid the consumption of cold water gargle with salt and warm water avoid eating foods that irritate the throat sufficient rest Hopefully useful. Always healthy ­čśŐ

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