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Hi, my name is Ria, 26 years old. I want to ask around half-past 4 in the morning. My ears are stuck with mosquitoes, and it’s hard to get out. I’ve already tilted my head, because I panicked, I put my fingers in my ears, but I didn’t even have a mosquito sound. dock??

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Hi Ria,

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The ear is the five sense organs that function to hear. If the ear is possessed by an insect or foreign object, it will interfere with the functioning of the ear. if the ear is possessed by an insect, insects should be removed as much as possible, it's just that you should not panic. Because if you panic will make more insects enter.

There are several ways you can do if, the ear is possessed by an insect:

avoid inserting fingers or other objects into the ear, because if you put other objects such as cotton buds into the ear will make insects pushed into.
tilt your head in the opposite direction, which is an ear that has insects upward
give tetsan oil like baby oil or olive oil into the ear a few drops. Make sure the oil enters the ear, by pulling the earlobe towards the top or back. Wait a few seconds, the function of the oil is to kill insects
tilt your head back in the opposite direction, the ear that has been intruding into the face downward.

If that way the insects do not come out, then do not force it. basically ear wax or insects that are dead and small will come out with ear wax, ear wax itself will come out because of the urge to chew. If the condition of the ear gets worse, such as pain in the ear, buzzing ears, experiencing difficulty in hearing, then immediately consult a doctor.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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