Thumb Infection After Being Pricked By Chicken Bones?

I want to ask. When I ate my chicken I was stabbed in the bone at first, but I was lying a few days ago when it hurt and swollen and festered after I took antibiotics in the spread of ointment. on the touch … Please the solution

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Hello Makmur Idin,

Foreign body puncture trauma can cause an inflammatory reaction and is also followed by secondary infection by bacteria that enter through the wound. Cellulitis is a form of inflammation that most often occurs due to a wound on the skin. Cellulitis can appear with the following symptoms:

Reddish skin
Swelling in the affected area and can be widespread
Blistered skin.
Fester or runny skin (yellow or clear liquid appears)

In some severe cases of infection in cellulitis can cause through blood vessels to cause septicemia which will cause a bad condition in patients. Infection can also spread through the lymphatic channels and into the bones on the inside.

The diagnosis of cellulitis can be made by a doctor through a physical examination and also asks the patient's medical history. Some investigations such as blood tests, culture of pus fluid samples, bone x-rays can be used to help determine the germ that causes and the focus of infection and spread. Cellulitis treatment is adjusted to the severity. Antibiotic drinking is usually the first treatment choice for sufferers of cellulitis, with a usage period of 7-14 days. In some cases patients require hospitalization to be given antibiotics through blood vessels. The doctor will suggest surgery if pus or abscesses are found. This is done to remove pus or abscess from the tissue and cut the dead tissue to facilitate the healing process.

Some treatments that can be done at home according to doctor's instructions, include:

Take pain medication, such as paracetamol or biuprofen.
Supporting the swollen body parts with pillows while sleeping so that its position is higher
As much as possible keep moving swollen body parts
Eat nutritious foods

For cases like this you should check again, directly to the doctor. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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