Thyroid Cancer?

Illustration of Thyroid Cancer?
Illustration: Thyroid Cancer?

Good evening, I am wise. NI have had thyroid cancer for 2 years, maybe my body will be thin for a long time. Should I undergo surgery or is there another way besides surgery? That is all and thank you

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Basically, surgery is the main therapy of choice in the treatment of solid tumors, including thyroid cancer. There are many types of thyroid cancer, but most thyroid cancers have a very high chance of cure if appropriate therapy is applied. The operation that is done can vary depending on the type of cancer, the size, and also the stage. Sometimes therapy with chemotherapy is also needed to completely clear any remaining cancer cells. Chemotherapy for thyroid cancer has less side effects than other cancer chemotherapy.

If you have already been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, you should start the therapy recommended by your doctor as soon as possible. Diagnosing and performing cancer therapy as soon as possible will increase your chances of a full recovery. Allowing cancer without medical therapy can cause cancer to grow bigger, it can even spread to other organs.

Cancer is a disease that will not heal by itself, but is progressive (getting worse over time). Non-medical treatment is also not recommended because medical treatment itself has enormous effectiveness in the management of thyroid cancer.

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