Thyroid Gland ..?

Illustration of Thyroid Gland ..?
Illustration: Thyroid Gland ..?

Assalamualaikum .. Met the night .. I want to ask what is the meaning of left perijugular reactive lymphadenopathy … With a size of 0.3 n 0.4 cm in the neck .. If I have thyroid surgery 2x … there is pain in the neck

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Lymphadenopathy is a condition where there is swelling or enlargement of the lymph nodes. Which is where the lymph nodes themselves are part of the body's immune system that will actually fight bacteria or viruses.

The lymph nodes themselves are spread in many parts of the body, including:

The neck is usually called cervical lymphadenopathy or parajugular lymphadenopathy
behind the ear
back of the head

The amount of lymph nodes can be caused due to several causes, including:

infections, such as ear infections, cough colds, toothaches, skin infections, tuberculosis, and HIV
drug use
autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism
postoperative infection

If there is an enlargement in the neck, there may be several causes of the lump, namely an upper respiratory tract infection, an infection of the thyroid gland, an infection of the lungs.

It is necessary to differentiate lumps because of lymph nodes and lumps on the thyroid, on the lumps in the thyroid gland he will also move when swallowing while enlarged lymph nodes do not.

Reactive itself has a meaning that is a sign that the disease is growing or active.

My advice, stay in control and check with your surgeon, to find out more where the pain comes from. It is possible that if the pain originates from lymphadenopathy, there may be pressure on the surrounding nerve

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