Thyroid Gland?

Illustration of Thyroid Gland?
Illustration: Thyroid Gland?

Hello, I am Laili (19) when I was a child, I had a thyroid gland which made me have to take drugs + – 3 years. And after that, I was declared cured by the doctor who treated me. But now I often experience shortness of breath, often ngos “an if after doing a job that is draining enough whether it relates to my previous illness history?

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Hello laili

Thank you for asking

if you are declared cured of your thyroid disease especially this has been a long time since it may not have anything to do but to ensure that your complaint does indeed need to be examined directly by a doctor there are several causes for the complaints that you are experiencing:

lung disorders, one of which is Asthma

heart trouble
low blood pressure

carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are many possible causes for complaints that you feel to ensure that you have to do a direct examination by a doctor, so that the doctor can do a physical examination or additional examinations such as blood checks, chest x-ray, ECG or with spirometry so that the doctor can determine the diagnosis and provide an appropriate handler. but now you can postpone to the doctor first because of the corona virus outbreak, but if it is very disturbing and emergency such as without having experienced shortness of breath accompanied by severe chest pain immediately to the doctor or to the nearest hospital.

There are several things you can do

avoid triggers due to shortness of breath that you experience
now you should not do strenuous activities first
if you are overweight or obese, make efforts to lose weight, for example by exercising and eating a balanced nutritious diet.
enough rest
control stress by doing relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation.
do breathing exercises, this technique is effective enough to help ease heavy breathing due to panic attacks or disturbances.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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