Thyroid Lab Results And Thyroid Ultrasound?

Illustration of Thyroid Lab Results And Thyroid Ultrasound?
Illustration: Thyroid Lab Results And Thyroid Ultrasound?

Evening, r n r nI want to ask about my TSH lab results 0.22 and FT4 8.55 and from the Thyroid ultrasound results the impression: right and left diffuse struna suspects, left thyroid cyst, right and left lymphadenopathy r n explain about this r n r nThank you

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Thyroid hormone is a hormone produced by the thyroid gland (adenoids), which is a gland that plays a role in regulating the body's metabolism. These glands are located in the front of the neck, shaped like a butterfly which is divided into right and left lobes. In general, thyroid hormones that can be checked in the blood include:

T4 - 4.6-12 ug / dL FT4 (free T4) - 0.7-1.9 ng / dL T3 - 80-180 ng / dL FT3 (free T3) - 230-619 pg / dL In addition to checking thyroid hormones To assess a person's thyroid function, the doctor will also examine TSH, a hormone produced by the pituitary in the brain, which is responsible for triggering thyroid hormone secretion.

You need to know, the normal value of various thyroid function parameters can differ between laboratories, depending on the method, instrument, control, and units used. Therefore, to interpret the results of the blood tests that you convey above, you must also include the normal units and values ​​used by the laboratory where you tested the blood. Interpretation without complete information has the potential to lead to misdiagnosis.

Regarding the thyroid ultrasound that you conveyed, it appears that there is an enlarged thyroid gland in both lobes which is diffuse, there are no lumps or nodules in your thyroid gland. In addition there is a fluid-filled pocket (cyst) in the left lobe of your thyroid gland, as well as swollen lymph nodes (lymph nodes) in the right and left neck. KGB swelling can be related to an enlarged thyroid gland or other medical conditions. Further examination is required to confirm these findings, i.e. a needle biopsy examination must be performed.

Thyroid ultrasound results, together with blood test results, are intended to support the diagnosis, which must be adjusted to your clinical condition. Therefore, it would be better if all the results of these examinations are consulted again to the specialist in internal medicine who usually treats you.

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