Thyroid Level Examination Results?

Illustration of Thyroid Level Examination Results?
Illustration: Thyroid Level Examination Results?

Hello … I just checked my thyroid level, the results are as follows: FT4 = 1.02 ng / dL. Reference value 0.93-1.71TSHs = 3.75 ulU / mL. Reference value 0.270-4.200Please explain about my lab results..I did an examination because I wanted to know early on because it happened that my parents had had goiter. Thrims ..

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Seeing the results of your FT4 and TSHs that are still in the normal range of reference values, so at this time you do not experience any interference with your thyroid.

Mumps is actually a general term used to describe enlargement of the thyroid gland only. Enlargement of the thyroid gland itself can vary due to autoimmune diseases (graves or hashimoto), thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, inflammation of the thyroid gland, iodine deficiency, side effects of drugs, pregnancy, etc. In general, these diseases are not inherited (not genetic diseases), although for certain autoimmune diseases, a person's risk can increase if the immediate family also has an autoimmune disease (for example in graves).

Until now there are no specific recommendations for screening thyroid in healthy people and do not show any symptoms. Therefore you actually do not need to do a thyroid check if you do not have any symptoms. If indeed you show certain symptoms (both hyper symptoms or hypothyroidism), do a doctor's examination for further evaluation.

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