Tideglusib Clinical Trials On The Benefits And Side Effects Of Tooth Structure Improvement?

Illustration of Tideglusib Clinical Trials On The Benefits And Side Effects Of Tooth Structure Improvement?
Illustration: Tideglusib Clinical Trials On The Benefits And Side Effects Of Tooth Structure Improvement? frontiersin.org

, as we know, that Tideglusib is a drug that is tested for people with Alzheimer’s. Recently, King’s College London found that the drug Tideglusib can regrow teeth by disabling GSK3 and stimulating stem cells for tooth repair … is this correct and when is it implemented? thank you

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Hello Jaz

The Tideglusib drug has actually been around for quite a long time, but it has only been in recent years that the drug is entering clinical trials on what benefits and side effects can be caused in patients with Alzheimer's, which are currently entering phase 2 clinical trials, which means that trials are being carried out the benefits of the drug compared to placebo (a treatment that is of no benefit) carried out in humans

However, the Tideglusib clinical trial of the benefits and side effects of improving tooth structure is still in a lower clinical trial, namely in animal studies. A drug needs to go through various stages of clinical trials to be able to be used for the wider community.

First of all a drug will be tested first on animal experiments, where here will be assessed whether there are benefits to the desired effect and what are the side effects that may arise, if the benefits of the animals are obtained large enough and do not cause harmful side effects then they will considered for human trials.

Human trials are divided into several stages

Phase 1: The first first human trial, only 20-80 people were tested to monitor whether the drug was safe for consumption, and to check about what the safe dose was, and what side effects it might cause. But once the side effects of the drug usually appear not in a short time (immediately), because they often appear after a long time (maybe years later), then the results of phase 1 can not provide identifying any side effects that can occur

Phase 2: In this phase, it is assessed how much the benefits of a drug that is being examined with a placebo (fake drugs, which have no benefits or side effects) on research subjects around 100-300 people. The aim is to ascertain whether the benefits of the drug under study actually exist or is it just a coincidence and suggestion. Because it is not uncommon for the object of research to experience the expected benefits even though only using a placebo. Tideglusib drugs are still in this phase

Phase 3: In this phase the number of samples will be much greater, around 1000-3000 people, to ascertain whether it is truly safe, how much it is useful and what are the side effects, and what information can be obtained to find out how to use it safely

Phase 4: Is a phase where the drug has been widely publicized, but of course under the supervision of medical personnel, however the process of product review is still being carried out for better use (dosage, administration, preparation) and to monitor whether there are any side effects appear. Because there is no closing down the possibility of side effects appearing after years later. So that is why the existence of a medicinal product is withdrawn from the market, because after the evaluation in phase 4, it is known that an effect can be harmful to humans

So when can Tideglusib be implemented for dental repair, the answer is still quite long because it still has to go through a clinical trial phase to ensure that the benefits are really there and do not cause health problems due to possible side effects. And do not rule out the possibility that in the phases of clinical trials found a problem because of dangerous side effects or it turns out the benefits are not too large / useful so that eventually a product will never be widely marketed.

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