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Hello, I have something to ask, at a time like this in the midst of the 19th plague on my chest, it was a bit stuffy (ampeg: in Javanese), even so my breathing was normal and my strength wasn’t feverish or coughing. I wonder why? And also at the nape of the neck tight, blood pressure was also quite high yesterday had a test? thank you for the answer ..

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Good night.

The condition that you experience can occur due to several things like

 high blood pressure disorders of the heart pump congenital heart defects anxiety conditions kelaianan in the respiratory tract such as asthma or infection This should try to overcome first with a few things like

 keep a good blood pressure that is 120/80 optimally avoid foods that are too high in salt avoid anxious conditions of moderate exercise routinely avoid exposure to allergies if there is a history of previous allergies Related to COVID virus-corona-or-covid-19 some things that can become symptoms usually are fever, swallowing pain, and coughing In addition there will usually be positive contact. If any of these symptoms can be considered further examination at a doctor or central hospital.

Thus the information. May be useful.

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