Tightness In The Chest?

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Hello, I want to ask … Why do we remember the sad past when the chest feels tight and often can’t shed tears?

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For complaints that are felt about sadness and sometimes are felt congested whether how long have experienced it; is accompanied by feeling weak and not energetic.

This can be related to several conditions such as

- depression

This is feeling of lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm, and often feel tired. Can be accompanied by other symptoms such as disruption to daily activities, feeling difficult to sleep. Can be triggered by a stressor or appear on its own.

- somatization disorder

Usually in this case felt on physical complaints such as abdominal pain, dizziness or other complaints. But when an examination is done this is usually felt because it is related to the emotional or psychological sensation.

Things that are felt are most likely related to psychological causes of physical complaints. Some things you can do are

Tell the stressor to the closest people

-don't harbor feelings of annoyance or disturbing things

- avoid feeling like doing something bad and switching to something else that is fun

-if if feel disturbed Consult these conditions to psychology

That's the thing that I can say

Thank you

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