Tightness In The Chest

Illustration of Tightness In The Chest
Illustration: Tightness In The Chest

Hello doctor … I feel tightness in my chest. My chest feels like it’s burning. So breathing is rather difficult. And the heartbeat is pounding really fast

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The symptoms that you feel can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Heart problems, such as heart attacks, coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias), heart valve disorders, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, etc.
Pulmonary problems, for example pleurisy, lung infections, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, pulmonary edema, pulmonary embolism, lung tumors or mediastinal tumors, etc.
Problems with the cervical canal, such as GERD or acid reflux disease, peptic ulcer or injury to the stomach, gastritis or inflammation of the stomach, disorders of the bile duct, etc.
Other causes such as excessive coffee or alcohol consumption, thyroid hormone disorders, costochondritis, broken bones in the breastbone, strains in the chest muscles, psychological disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depression, etc.

If indeed you feel shortness of breath and your chest pain is severe enough to make you feel dizzy or even to make you lose consciousness (faint), you should try to do a hospital check. You need further examination such as ECG, chest X-ray, or echocardiography to make sure there are no serious problems in your heart and lungs.

For now, try to look for triggers for these symptoms (if there are certain triggers) and try to avoid these triggers. Try to rest and sleep enough every day (at least 7-9 hours a day), eat and drink enough every day, exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day, try to reduce stress and be more relaxed, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and reduce caffeine consumption.

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