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Hello, r nI want to ask, if a blood vessel in the brain breaks, how long does it take to heal? How likely is it that a person with a broken blood vessel in the brain can recover and live a normal life (such as talking and walking as usual) again? R n r nThank you

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Hello Zulfikar, thank you for your question

A stroke occurs when a brain blood vessel becomes blocked or bursts suddenly, causing brain damage. Blood vessels play an important role for the survival of brain cells because they carry oxygen and nutrients needed by the brain. Basically, the healing process depends on many factors, such as the blood vessels involved, the amount of accumulated bleeding volume, the patient's age, the underlying disease (such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, kidney disease, and so on), the treatment that has been obtained ( the earlier the better), complications during the treatment and recovery period, and so on.

The timing of this healing process cannot be determined because each individual can be different. But what you need to know, in general there are two general stages of management of a bleeding stroke:

The initial stage - aims to maintain patient safety, in the form of efforts to reduce pressure in the brain and control bleeding, either with drugs or surgical procedures

Advanced stage - after passing the critical period, the patient will arrive at the recovery stage, in the form of a rehabilitation program to improve the patient's functional ability to the maximum extent possible, and reduce disability to a minimum. This stage involves a number of health workers who are joined as a team, whose program is tailored to the needs of the patient

It takes patience and high motivation, both from the patient and the family, so that patients can return to carrying out daily activities independently, even to return to work. Discuss this with neurologists and medical rehabilitation specialists who will help manage stroke patients, including your relatives or relatives.

Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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