Time For The Diphtheria Injection Again?

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Hello, I want to ask, last December I injected diphtheria for the first time. It should have been a month later (January) I injected lg for the second time, but I was sick so I didn’t get the injection. Finally last July I just got an injection (it’s been 6 months past). Is it okay if the distance is too far, even though it should be 1 month first? Or should the injection be repeated? Thank you

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Hi Cesill,

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Diphtheria can cause serious complications, such as respiratory failure to death if it is not detected early and treated appropriately. One of the ways to prevent this condition is by giving vaccines.

Diphtheria vaccine is actually included in the mandatory immunization program from the government which is given when children are 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 18 months, and 5 years. However, due to the recent outbreak of diphtheria, the government launched the ORI (outbreak response immunization) program - diphtheria, which is done by vaccinating all residents aged 1 to 19 who live in the outbreak area, without considering the previous vaccine status. The vaccines given in this program are administered 3 times at a distance of 0-1-6, meaning that the second vaccine is given at least 1 month after the first vaccine, and the third vaccine is given at least 6 months after the second vaccine.

You can see from our explanation above, that the 0-1-6 limit above is the minimum distance for vaccine administration, not the maximum. Therefore, it does not matter if you get the second vaccine with a distance of more than 1 month from your first vaccine, there is no need to repeat. It's just that, you need to remember, you can get your third vaccine for at least 6 months from the second vaccine you are currently getting. The completeness of this vaccine is very important for its role to form optimal immunity.

That's all for our explanation. You can consult directly with a doctor at the nearest health facility regarding diphtheria immunization more deeply, huh ..

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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