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, actually it’s good to wear glasses every time what is needed? r nthank you in advance.

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Hello Son,

In cases of refractive errors such as minus eyes, plus eyes, and astigmatism, the treatment that is often given is glasses or contact lenses. For minus / myopia / nearsighted eyes, minus-lens glasses are used to correct sharp eyesight.

The best glasses are the right lens size according to the results of your examination. The examination is carried out by means of a visual acuity test using a trial lens and a snellen chart, if necessary additional examinations can be carried out with a special computer and an examination of eye pressure. The size of the eyeglass lens taken is the smallest size that you think is comfortable when looking at the Snellen chart until it is corrected to 6/6.

As for wearing glasses, you should use them at all times as needed, for example, you don't need to use them when you shower or sleep. But for daily activities it should be used. The use of the right glasses is expected to slow down eye deterioration. But keep in mind that wearing glasses cannot cure eye minus. To cure minus eyes, surgery can be performed such as LASIK surgery. You should consult directly with an ophthalmologist to make sure the size of your glasses is yes.

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