Time Is Right For The Typhus Vaccine?

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Hello r n Yesterday a few days ago I was getting better from typhoid, only sometimes my diarrhea recurs, sometimes it goes away. But I have no fever and I feel better. R nWhen can I get the typhoid vaccine? What should be done? R nBecause I am very susceptible to typhoid smear r nThank you

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Thank you Jasmita Karismayanni for her question on the HealthReplies.com forum, typhoid is a disease caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria, this disease is usually transmitted as a result of this bacterial contamination in food or drink consumed. Where in this case the new symptoms usually appear around 7 to 14 days although this incubation period can be shorter or longer. Where the symptoms that appear are:
- fever
- stomach ache
- can have diarrhea or constipation
- limp
- weight loss
- decreased appetite

This typhoid condition can usually be overcome by administering drugs in the form of antibiotics to eradicate the associated germs. Regarding the typhoid vaccine, this vaccine can be given to people who have experienced typhoid before and is usually recommended about 4 weeks after a person has fully recovered from the previous typhoid condition. In addition, if there are other serious illnesses, it is better if the typhoid vaccine can be postponed until the disease is cured and the typhoid vaccine should be postponed if within 3 days you are still taking antibiotics.

Here is an article about the typhoid vaccine

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