Time Taken To Relieve DOMS (delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

Illustration of Time Taken To Relieve DOMS (delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
Illustration: Time Taken To Relieve DOMS (delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

Hello doc, I just recently started taking up sports after not working out for so long. In short, now again affected by muscle pain (DOMS). How long do I have to take the space to not exercise first or can I still exercise even though my muscles are still painful? Thank you

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Hello sister,

DOMS / delayed onset mucle soreness is a condition where there is pain or muscle stiffness after doing sports or strenuous activities that have not been done for a long time, or when the intensity of a new sport is increased, or when trying a new type of sport. Generally DOMS is harmless and will improve within 1-2 days after resting.

DOMS can be affected by several conditions such as lack of warm up before exercise, buildup of lactic acid, minor injury to muscles, connective tissue damage, muscle inflammation, and changes in electrolyte and enzyme levels in muscles.

To help reduce complaints of muscle pain due to DOMS, you can do the following tips:

Rest muscles
Do a gentle massage
Cold compress at the beginning of the complaint and then warm compresses or warm baths
Apply pain relief gel / cream if necessary
Get enough rest around 8-9 hours / day
Consumption of healthy foods and high in protein
Drink plenty of water
Avoid strenuous exercise during the recovery period, usually around 1-3 days
You still when stretching or warming up and light exercise, for example walking around the house, daily activities are also still carried out as usual
If you want to do sports again after DOMS gets better, make sure to warm up enough first. And if you want to increase the intensity of exercise, do it gradually
Take pain medication if necessary

If the complaint of muscle pain does not immediately improve for more than 1 week, there is swelling and redness around the painful muscle, or if there are limitations of movement, you can see a doctor directly to be sure whether there are more serious injuries or not. Further treatment will be given according to your condition.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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