Time To Check For Pregnancy After A Positive TP Result

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Greetings I am late for menstruation for 2 weeks already, q the results are positive. I want to ask, do I have to immediately check my pregnancy to the doctor? I want to see a doctor immediately, but I am afraid of the epidemic that is spreading lately. And may I take immune supplements like other Imbost / vitamin C?

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Hello Novia,

Thank you for the question.

A positive testpack often indicates that you are pregnant. Even in rare cases, testpack results can also be positive due to ectopic pregnancy, wine pregnancy, improper method of testpack, the influence of drugs, even urine contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, ideally, whatever the results of the testpack, you need to confirm it by going to a doctor or obstetrician. In more complete health facilities, doctors will often carry out more accurate examinations, for example blood tests or ultrasound, to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

Your concern is indeed reasonable, the outbreak of COVID-19 makes an examination to the doctor, including obstetricians, should also be postponed unless there is an emergency case. Worried, your chances of contracting the infection will be greater if you rush to the hospital.

In your case, you should also postpone checking for certainty of your pregnancy to the doctor. In the meantime, act like you are pregnant, such as by maintaining your food intake, getting enough rest, don't over-exert heavy activities, limit sexual intercourse involving vaginal penetration, increase personal hygiene and your intimate organs, don't get too stressed out or worry too much, and avoid smoking, consuming alcohol, drugs, and any other drugs without doctor's advice. Later, if this outbreak has subsided, you can visit a doctor directly at the nearest health facility to ensure your pregnancy.

Nutritional needs during pregnancy can be different for each mother, depending on age, body posture, activities undertaken daily, a history of illness, as well as a history of previous pregnancy. Consumption of supplements may be done during pregnancy, but given the nutritional needs of each person who can be different, it would be far safer if you prioritize maximizing the intake of these nutrients from a variety of foods and drinks that are nutritionally balanced, so do not rush to take supplements. , You can add the consumption of pregnant milk so that your nutritional needs can be more fulfilled.

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