Time To Go To A Health Facility If It Is Past HPL?

Illustration of Time To Go To A Health Facility If It Is Past HPL?
Illustration: Time To Go To A Health Facility If It Is Past HPL? sovahhealth.com

I want to ask, I’m pregnant again. Predicted by the doctor on 30 August kmren But until now it’s not born yet. Now I’m having stomach ache doc.

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Hello Muna, thank you for the question.

The prediction date submitted by your doctor is the date that your uterine age is at the age of the uterus that allows for a birth to occur. However, as the name suggests, this date is only a prediction, it can be exact but birth can occur before or after that date depending on the condition of the pregnancy of each mother.

If you currently have abdominal pain with the characteristics:

Heartburn from the waist to the stomach
Feel more and more often and regularly
Accompanied by mucus and blood out of the birth canal

So it is advisable to immediately check yourself to the midwife or puskesmas (PONED) or the nearest hospital emergency room because most likely you are in time to give birth. No need to wait for the rupture of membranes because normally the new membranes will rupture just before the baby is born. If the membranes rupture before then, this is an abnormal condition and needs to get treatment immediately.

I hope this helps.

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