Tingling From The Arm To The Right Finger?

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afternoon I often experience pins and needles in my arms and fingers on the right side r ntrus ap what to do and either ap or ap medicine that I should consume r n r n r p still

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Hello Quardiansyah,

Tingling hands for a long time can be caused by several medical conditions. In addition to saraff damage, tingling can be caused by injury or side effects of certain medications. The first thing that needs to be done is to find out the main cause, so as to treat the tingling experienced. Some things that can cause tingling hands, including:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS): also called carpal tunnel syndrome. Nerve damage due to repetitive pressure and irritation of the median nerve on the hand. Occurrences usually occur mainly at night, wrist pain, weakness or no strength when grasping an object, or impaired hand coordination. Usually occurs due to trauma due to doing work continuously like typing, writing, packing goods. Rheumatoid Arthritis: tingling is usually felt on the hands and wrists, usually more disturbing especially at night the liver. Other symptoms such as the joints of the hands and fingers feel warm, the shape of the joints look different, and pain in the joints and the appearance of stiffness when I wake up that lasts more than 1 hour. Diabetes: due to small blood vessels disrupted, there will be a tingling sensation because the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the nerves is blocked. So that the symptoms that appear can be hand numbness, tingling, pain. This can make a person with diabetes feel no pain if the hands or feet are injured. Nerve damage: the causes can vary, ranging from injuries, the presence of infections, excessive use of the hands. For example, if someone works to operate a machine that vibrates continuously, then his hands will experience nerve damage and cause tingling, it is commonly referred to as 'hand and arm vibration syndrome'. Diseases that can potentially cause nerve damage include stroke, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumors. Because the possible causes of your complaint vary, you should consult with a neurologist to discuss it. When the neurologist has done an examination of your body and is looking for a history of your other illness, the doctor will determine the diagnosis / estimate of the disease that you are experiencing exactly. If the physical examination and interview are deemed insufficient, then additional examinations can be carried out such as laboratory examinations, Rongten photo examinations, or MRI.

While the simple things you need to do to not aggravate your complaint include:

reduce work using hands that will cause your hands and fingers getting tingling do a healthy lifestyle such as eating foods that are nutritionally balanced, avoid foods that are too fatty / high cholesterol. do simple exercises that can make your hands feel weak avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes avoid exposure to poisons such as motor vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke Thus we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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