Tingling In Hands And Feet?

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at afternoon.rnDoctor I want to ask what is the cause of tingling in the feet and hands?rnCan lack of blood cause tingling?rnThen yesterday I went to the doctor, the doctor said I had narrowed blood vessels in the heart, it’s a disease how are you? But my heart record results are normal?rnPlease answer, thank you

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The occurrence of tingling is caused by disruption of the flow of blood vessels in the relevant organs which causes the nerves to react and produce the tingling response, in your case, namely your hands and feet.

The causes of tingling vary, namely:

Fatigue after doing a lot of physical activity

Narrowing of the nerves in the wrist, also known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Metabolic disorders such as diabetes

-Heart problems where in addition to tingling in the left arm, accompanied by symptoms of heart palpitations, easy fatigue, swelling of the legs

- Less consumption of vitamin B complex

I suggest you consult a neurologist to find out the cause of your mother's tingling. The doctor will conduct interviews and related examinations to ensure this.

If it is known that the cause of the tingling is a heart problem, you can consult a cardiologist and blood vessel specialist. To see the narrowing of blood vessels sometimes can not be detected by electrocardiography (knowing the electrical flow of the heart), but requires further examination such as angiography (imaging of blood vessels), or echocardiography (complete imaging of the heart).

Suggestions that should be done to resolve your complaint:

-Compress the tingling area with cold water to reduce pain

-Avoid repetitive hand movements, such as slicing vegetables, writing, etc

-When sleeping, try not to lie on one side of the body, but alternately

-Frequently do stretches in the tingling area

-Enough rest

-Eat healthy and nutritious food

-Consumption of B-complex vitamins

May be useful

Regards, dr. Natalia

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