Tingling In The Wrist And Foot?

hello morning, I want to ask about the disease that I experienced. why every night or every morning my ankles and my ankles like pins and needles and like it every day like that why?

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Hello Lutfi Rizal,

Thank you for the question.

Tingling in the wrist and foot can be caused by many things, depending on the characteristics of symptoms such as when the tingling appears, how long the pins and needles are felt, locations other than the hands and feet are also experiencing pins and needles, changes in the shape of the wrists and feet such as redness, pain when pressed , as well as previous medical history, treatment history, etc. Tingling in the ankle and foot can be caused by several things such as:

 Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid arthritis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Lack of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B6 In addition to the above medical conditions, this can also be influenced by lack of physical activity such as exercise and lack of stretching when exercising. This can also be influenced by daily activities that are often done such as your work, whether you often write, type, or drive. Here are some suggestions that you can take to reduce complaints:

 Avoid activities that too often involve the joints of the hands and feet, such as writing, typing, and driving for a while. Stretch your arms and legs before going to bed and after waking up in the morning. Take pain relievers such as paracetamol when pain. Take vitamin and mineral supplements, especially vitamin B6. Improving lifestyles with healthy and nutritious foods that meet fluid needs. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Doing exercise regularly. If this complaint is getting worse and does not improve in the future, you can consult a neurologist. The doctor will evaluate your complaint, conduct a physical examination, and conduct a supporting examination if needed such as X-rayed hands and feet so the doctor can handle according to the cause your complaint.

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