Illustration of Tinnitus
Illustration: Tinnitus

Doc .. I want to ask .. The sound that comes out of the head .. the noise that does not stop dock .. so that my hearing decreased ..

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Hello Alifa,

Thank you for the question.

Noise from the inside of the head that interferes with hearing, accompanied by pain in the ear to feel to the head can indeed be classified as tinnitus. The problem is, what factors cause the tinnitus? From here, the handling can be decided later.

Tinnitus, which is disturbing sounds in the ear, can occur due to various triggers, can be from within the ear itself, or it can also be from other organs, for example:

Mild factors, such as aging, are exposed to excessive noise
Disorders of the ear, such as cerumen prop, otosclerosis, otitis externa, otitis media, Meniere's disease, muscle spasms in the inner ear
Disorders of other organs around the ear, such as Eustachian tube dysfunction, head / neck injuries, brain tumors, jaw joint disorders
Systemic disorders, such as atherosclerosis, vascular malformations, hypertension, drug side effects
Psychological disorders, and so on

Tinnitus can require different treatments, depending on the cause. Therefore, you need to check yourself back to the ENT doctor for further treatment. The handling of this tinnitus may later be done by administering drugs (for example sedatives or drugs given to overcome the cause of the tinnitus), extracting the bacteria, suppressing sounds (for example, with hearing aids, sound transfer devices / masking devices, tinnitus retrainers), surgery, and many other therapeutic modalities.

Meanwhile, all you can do is to get plenty of rest, not to listen to excessive noise (including through earphones), do not carelessly take medication, and not to carelessly pry around your ears and give any medication to your ears without doctor's advice. Finally, increase relaxation so that your heart and mind are calmer and avoid delusions and hallucinations that trigger annoying noises.

Hope this helps ...

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