Tips For Speeding Up Menstruation?

Illustration of Tips For Speeding Up Menstruation?
Illustration: Tips For Speeding Up Menstruation?

I am 20 years old. Every menstruation period can be very long and like to be late from the previous date. Even though there are already characteristics of going to the moon (vaginal discharge, spotty, emotional ups and downs) Please give us tips so that the period can be smoothly u0026amp; Yes, if there is a cure, you can recommend it. thank you

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Good morning, thanks for the question

The conditions experienced today are referred to as oligomenorrhea. Oligomenorrhea is a longer menstrual cycle that is more than 35 days. Normally a woman's menstrual cycle is in the range of 21-35 days. Some conditions that cause menstrual cycle disorders include:

1. Effects of hormonal birth control
2. Excessive exercise for example in athletes
3. Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)
4. In adolescents or the elderly who are headed for menopause due to hormonal imbalances
5. Diabetes
6. Thyroid disease
7. Disorders of the prolactin hormone
8. The use of certain drugs
9. Hypothalamic disorders
10. Ovarian failure
11. Scar tissue in the uterine wall
12. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Menstrual cycle plus the length does not always come regularly is an indication for further examination with a gynecologist.
The doctor needs to evaluate the current history of complaints and directed physical examination. Investigations such as ultrasound or hormone levels may be needed in some cases.

Handling in each of the above conditions can be different, for example in the case of PCOS are generally given hormonal birth control pills to trigger regular menstruation, or in cases of hypothalamic disorders can be tried lifestyle changes. Therefore do not hesitate to consult the condition with your doctor.

That's all, hope you can help

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