Tips For Using Contact Lenses So You Don’t Get Dizzy?

Illustration of Tips For Using Contact Lenses So You Don’t Get Dizzy?
Illustration: Tips For Using Contact Lenses So You Don’t Get Dizzy?

Hello. Previously I didn’t know that my eyes were min. So I used to use normal soflen for certain events. “When I checked my eyes because the final view” often blurred like that. I’m minus -0.50. then I bought contact lenses with the size of min with a diameter of 16mm. I use it every day but it’s different from the normal one. Then I buy more soflents with min size 0.50 but the diameter is one different 14.5mm and the other one 15mm when using the 14.5mm is nice “wrote, but it doesn’t look like using contact lens because the color is black. My eyes have also originally been black. When I use this 15mm, it feels rather sore and quickly dry. Why is that? Even though I already use 16mm and it’s delicious “even in the eyes minus the normal ones. Use the 14.5 is delicious” too. Why do you use the 15mm instead?

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Clean contact lenses (contact lenses / softlense) of suitable size should be comfortable to use and not cause dizziness. If you previously felt comfortable with your contact lenses, but then felt dizzy, there are several possibilities. Contact lenses can become dry after you use a few hours. Dry contact lenses can make contact lenses become tense and cause dizziness to the wearer. In addition, your dry eyes can also cause discomfort and dizziness. Infections due to poor use of contact lenses can also cause dizziness. You also need to consider again the quality of contact lenses that make you uncomfortable, whether the brand you are using is standardized and has been registered. Farsightedness with the strength of -0.5 usually do not cause disturbing symptoms. You need to consider again whether you were examined by a doctor or not. Just using an instrument can still produce results that are not appropriate. Nearsightedness is not the only cause of vision becoming blurry. It is possible that the cause of your eyesight is not nearsightedness. Visual impairment that is not treated properly can also cause dizziness. It's best if you see an eye specialist for direct examination.

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