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Good afternoon, healthy greetings, I want to ask, every 3 days or a week I feel every joint or palm or tip of my finger like a deep bruise and move, if you let it swell until my body feels pain, but every I take the medicine that I bought from the pharmacy, it gradually gets better, but if I feel tired or once in 3 days, I feel “it comes again in a different place again and my body seems unhappy and powerless, please inform me. Good afternoon ..

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Complaints of lethargy, weakness and lack of energy that you feel can occur due to various possibilities, such as:

Lack of sleep
Stress, lots of thoughts, anxiety
Low blood pressure
Low blood sugar levels
Lack of red blood cells or anemia

Lack of nutrition
Thyroid hormone disorders

As for complaints of pain in the joints and swelling, this can occur due to arthritis which can occur due to gout, immune system disorders, aging process, inflammation and so on. Both complaints of lethargy, weakness and pain that you feel, require supporting tests such as blood tests to check blood sugar levels, hemoglobin levels, uric acid levels and what is the size of your blood pressure. So, our advice is that you can consult a general practitioner or an internal medicine doctor, so that a detection of the cause is responsible for the complaint you feel. The treatment you will receive later also depends on the results of this examination.

Meanwhile, because we do not know what drugs you consume frequently, it is better if you buy the drug repeatedly based only on its efficacy, which has so far been effective without a doctor's recommendation, you should stop using it first. Because some drugs can have side effects in the form of injury to the stomach, hormonal disorders, and liver and kidney disorders if used excessively. Reduce pain by limiting activity, warm compresses and immediately consult a doctor. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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