Toddlers Don’t Want To Chew?

Illustration of Toddlers Don’t Want To Chew?
Illustration: Toddlers Don’t Want To Chew? r nMy child is 20mth old. Since the age of 12 months, he has been consuming rice. But when my child eats, I don’t chew it but I swallow it. I’m afraid it will affect his digestion. Can foods swallowed easily damage the digestive system? So far, my child’s defecation is normal. And there seems to be no sign of abdominal pain. But I’m worried that this keeps happening. Besides that, my child doesn’t want to eat snacks. Even if I give the cake, I just lick it. I was worried that there were problems with the tooth structure. Fyi, my child’s teeth grow well. Only occasionally, when smiling, the lower teeth cover the upper teeth. R n r nPlease ask for the best solution. R nThank you

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Hi Eka,

Thank you for asking

Chewing food is important for its function to help the digestive process. By chewing food properly, the digestive enzymes in the oral cavity can work optimally. This condition is important for preventing various digestive disorders, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, colic, and so on. Chewing food well can also make swallowing easier. By chewing food until it is smooth, the risk of the baby experiencing choking will be smaller.

If the consistency of the food you give your baby is soft, thick, or soup, then the baby has a tendency not to chew food. This condition is also formed by repeated habits. In fact, this will not directly implicate any particular disease. However, still, your baby needs to get used to chewing so that he can eat a variety of foods (including harder and chewier foods) without a hitch.

Not wanting to snack on babies is not always dangerous. This condition can naturally occur due to babies who do not like certain types of food. As long as your baby has no problem with appetite and breastfeeding patterns, then this condition is nothing for you to worry about. You can continue to monitor your baby's growth and development at the nearest health facility to monitor his nutritional adequacy. As long as the growth is good, giving snacks is not something that must be done.

Here are some tips for you to do:

Try to train your baby to eat more solid or dry foods
Invite him to eat together, and ask him to watch how you eat
Give him finger food so that he can eat himself
Slowly introduce the baby to the spoon as well so that he is trained to eat better
Give your baby food with a varied diet, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables and fruit so that their nutritional needs are properly met
Do not give food supplements carelessly without first consulting a doctor
If your child is having trouble eating, give him snacks in the shape and flavor he likes
Never force a child to eat

If the steps above are still unsuccessful to your baby, don't hesitate to consult directly with the doctor or the nearest pediatrician.

It's hard to eat in children

I hope this helps.

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