Toenails Turn Yellowish Color?

Illustration of Toenails Turn Yellowish Color?
Illustration: Toenails Turn Yellowish Color?

Hello .. r nDok, before I ask, I want to explain the chronology first. So you see, my toenails have turned nude-orange like a brick color, only toenails. Previously in the city I was hit by a fairly large tidal flood, up to 5 days my feet soaked in tidal water, now after the water receded I just noticed that my toenails had changed color, even though I saw other toenails were normal “wrote. The next day the instep also changed color like a kid after playing the ground , I tried to clean it using water while sequencing it with my fingers, the shape was like that, but the color was brownish red, only the toenails could not disappear until now, so I want to ask why my toenails changed, whether the factor was tearing yesterday or is there another disease? Please explain, thank you thanks.

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Nails as part of the body are often neglected for their role in detecting disease. But in reality, nail abnormalities can provide more clues to what is happening to you, whether the abnormality is in the form of discoloration, change in shape, growth abnormalities, appearance of lines and so on.

Regarding nails that change color to a yellow-orange color, one of the most common possibilities is due to a nail fungus infection. There are many factors that increase a person's chances of developing a toenail fungus infection, and they are:

Soaking nails in water for a long time
Swim in the public pool
Have sores on the nails or on the skin around the nails
Have a condition with clammy toenails or hands for a long time
Wearing boots
Are over 65 years of age
Have high blood sugar or diabetes

But of course, there is a chance that this may indicate another, less common disease. Therefore, we still suggest that you should check with a skin and genital specialist doctor for further examination. If it is true that it is a fungal infection, to treat it you need a prescription antifungal drug from a skin specialist.

Meanwhile to avoid this condition recurring, keep your feet clean and dry, wash your hands after handling infected nails, avoid going barefoot in public places, and reduce the use of skin dyes. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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