Tongue Cord Torn And Bleeding Due To Stirrup?

Illustration of Tongue Cord Torn And Bleeding Due To Stirrup?
Illustration: Tongue Cord Torn And Bleeding Due To Stirrup?

Hello I am a 16 year old girl. I use braces (stirrup) and I just ate a snack and something caught in the stirrup. I cleaned it as usual using my tongue. I clean the lower right teeth. After that, my tongue got stuck in the wire, so I let go. After that I felt blood coming out, I looked in the mirror and it was blood. Then I rinse and I see in the glass the string of my tongue is broken about 1 cm in the top. After about 5 minutes there is no more blood coming out. What’s the danger? What should I do before I see a dentist? now it feels like my tongue is normal but it hurts a little if I stick my tongue out (because the bottom bag of the tongue touched the lower teeth). Please answer, I’m afraid why2. Can the tongue strap reconnect? Or need stitches? Or can you do it yourself?

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Hi annecavillins,

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The use of braces is intended to help correct the arrangement of teeth that are less neat or also an abnormal shape of the jaw. However, often, braces can also trigger complaints, including sores in the oral cavity (one of which is on the tongue strap).

The cord of the tongue (frenulum) contains many blood vessels, therefore a large enough tear in this area can lead to significant bleeding. Depending on how severe the bleeding is, this condition may heal on its own, but it can also require special treatment.

A tear in the tongue strap from getting caught in the braces, besides being able to trigger bleeding, can also be a risk of causing infection. This infection is prone to occur if your oral hygiene is not well maintained and if you rarely control your braces regularly. This infection can not only occur around the oral cavity, but can spread to other organs through the blood vessels that are many in the tongue strap.

If at this time there is no bleeding or signs of infection that you experience around the tongue cord (for example swelling, pus, redness, severe pain), then the chance of the tear is quite small and can close on its own. However, it is likely that if the tear is large enough (up to 1 cm), then the likelihood of the tongue string joining itself is quite small. You should have your condition checked directly to the doctor so that further evaluation is carried out on what kind of treatment needs to be done huh ..

In the meantime, you can multiply gargling with salt water to reduce the risk of infection. Also avoid moving your tongue too often, especially touching a torn tongue strap with unclean hands. To reduce discomfort around the tongue, you can first consume foods that are soft in consistency so that your tongue does not have to move excessively in chewing food.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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